DesertMicro offers high-level expertise in software application development


Why DesertMicro

In a word: Technology Only DesertMicro develops and supports comprehensive, integrated software products designed to meet your needs.

DesertMicro provides leading edge software solutions for today's competitive marketplace. We utilize state-of-the-art client server technology, Microsoft SQL databases, ODBC Connectivity, and Windows Certified Partner standards to give you a solution to manage your business needs. DesertMicro offers high-level expertise in software application development, information technology consulting, and professional services consulting.

DesertMicro Staff

The staff at DesertMicro is comprised of individuals with accounting, distribution and logistics experience, as well as specialized technical skills. The staff is highly cross-trained in many areas with a consistent focus on learning new technology and its application.

As a result of the number and diversity of the companies we work with, we are well versed and experienced in the industries we serve. Because of this experience, we have the ability to work with and understand the needs of your operators. With DesertMicro, you have a group of people with years of experience committed to your project.

The president of DesertMicro, Barry Grahek, founded a waste and recycling company in 1989 in Jacksonville, FL. The company grew to 9 locations operating 68 trucks and transfer trailers in 1996. Over the course of that period, he managed and grew the organization through many years of 100% annual growth rate. After establishing the company as the largest private provider of recycling services to divert office waste into recycling, he sold the company to Republic Services. Republic still operates under the operational process put in place for those programs. Following the sale to Republic, Barry recognized the improvements that his company experienced through the right selection of software and purchased the company that developed it, DesertMicro. He designed and directed the redevelopment of the software into a windows format and DesertMicro now provides a fully integrated set of software modules for the waste industry.

Today, DesertMicro is the leading provider, and most used waste industry software. The latest innovations from DesertMicro include live performance measurements for routes and vehicles to get the most efficiency from assets.

Software Development

DesertMicro has been developing software for the transportation and distribution industry since 1983. We provide software solutions to manage your entire business, not just your books, routing and billing.

Over the past 20 years, DesertMicro has redesigned our software system to respond to the enormous changes in the industry and software technology. DesertMicro's software products do not have the look or the feel of an old DOS or software product that has been updated throughout the years, or the limitations of an old mainframe or AS/400 product that has been brought over into the PC market. It is instead a complete, state-of-the-art package that utilizes the latest in software technology and is available for the single user or for use in a multi-user, multi-location environment.